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What can you do in 300ms?

Take a fresh look at Two Way Radio communications

Reasons for using 2-Way Radio

  • Stay connected with your team in milliseconds

  • Crystal Clear Communications, custom system design for your operation

  • Longer Battery Life than cellular phones

  • Monthly savings of as much as 50%-70% when compared to using cellular and GPS

  • Reduce company costs, Get more done faster

  • Reduce Overtime, Improve Efficiency

  • Locate & Dispatch nearest worker, Improved Customer Response Time

  • Increase Company Revenue, add more jobs per day

  • Increase employee safety, improve your mobile workforce

Features of 2-Way Radio

  • Digital Voice Security (such as 256-bit encryption)

  • 20% Longer talk range in Digital Mode

  • 40% Better battery life over analog Mode

  • Dual Mode Analog & Digital

  • Private Calling

  • Group Calling

  • All Calling

  • TXT Messaging

  • Radio Call Alert

  • One Touch Call/Text

  • Emergency Button alert

  • Emergency Auto Man Down

  • Emergency Loan Worker with timed alerting

  • Remote Open Mic, Remote radio Monitor

  • Remote Radio Check

  • Remote Radio Disable

  • Remote Radio Enable

  • Multi-Site IP System Connectivity

  • Analog/Digital Telephone Interconnect via DTMF signaling

  • Multi-Site Roaming

  • GPS Positioning Tracking

  • Indoor Positioning Tracking

  • RFID Patrol Solutions

  • Virtual trunking timeslot

  • Bluetooth Wireless PTT Accessories

  • Built in Vibrating Messaging Alert

  • Scan: Analog & Digital Channels

  • IP67 Totally protected against dust & Water 15cm to 1m

  • Military Tough MIL-STD 810 C/D/E/F/G Standards

  • Large color display with good visibility even in strong sunlight

  • AGC technology codec and digital error correction technology

  • Various Analog Signaling Types

  • Software Upgradeable Products

  • Expansion Ports for third party applications

  • Radio Registration Services

  • Radio Call Control

  • Telemetry Data Transfer

  • Interoperability between VHF, UHF, 700/800Mhz

Vertex Standard by Motorola VX261 Series Two Way Radios

Portable Radios

Hytera MD7 Series Mobile two way radios

Mobile Radios

Hytera PD7 Series two way radio
PD7 Series

Portable Radios

Hytera PD3 Series two way radio
PD3 Series

Portable Radios

Vertex Standard by Motorola VX264 Series Two Way Radios

Portable Radios

Vertex Standard by Motorola VX2100 Series Mobile two way radios

Mobile Radios

Motorola Solutions CP200d Series two way radios

Portable Radios

Hytera BD502 Business Series two way radios

Portable Radios

Vertex Standard by Motorola VX450 Series Two Way Radios
VX-450 Series

Portable Radios

Vertex Standard by Motorola VX4600 Series Mobile two way radios

Mobile Radios

Motorola Solutions XPR 7550 Series two way radios
XPR 7550

Portable Radios

Hytera BD352 BusinesSeries two way radio Digital
BD 352 Series

Portable Radios

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