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System Design


Trunked wide area networked technology meets the demanding needs of mission critical, business, and industrial users.  There are new Enhanced feature sets that delivers capabilities your industry demands in an affordable and scalable solution.  Enhanced feature set is the clear choice for many users including industry, utilities, municipalities, public safety, regional emergency networks, manufacturing plants, campuses, sports arenas and hospitals.

Some new features include

  • Emergency Declaration

  • Priority Channel Access

  • Channel Backup

  • Private Call, Group Call, All Call

  • GPS Tracking, In door tracking

  • Text Messaging

  • Multi-Site IP Connect

  • RSSI Roaming

  • Telemetry

  • 256-bit Encryption

  • Transmit Interrupt

  • Remote diagnostic and Control

With wide area coverage from Digital Networking Architecture, workers can easily communicate network-wide and take advantage of the advanced features they need to coordinate routine operations or emergency situations such as severe weather events.

Municipal and County Governments
Cities and Counties working within tight budgets don’t have to give up features and performance.  The needs of all users can be met without having to compromise on system capability. 

Critical communications never wait as workers communicate immediately to necessary personnel about an operational issue or medical emergency or accident.

User groups, radios and calls are prioritized based on user priority assignments established by the system/network operator.  Individual radio and user talk-group priorities may be remotely changed based on special needs such as a major sporting event. 

Public Safety
Whether its routine traffic or emergency communications, public safety personnel take full advantage of the enhanced features.  With the ability to handle multiple simultaneous emergency declarations, and a scalable all-digital network infrastructure.

Regional hospitals can communicate privately between facilities and region-wide to coordinate regular operations or in the event of an emergency.

Sports Arenas
Flexible talk group assignments and the ability to activate and de-activate radios allow facility management to tailor the system to meet the needs of specific events.  Priority Access and Emergency Declaration insure that critical communications are handled immediately.

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