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Solving Communication problems in a downtown highrises

Let us show you how we you can save you money by thinking smarter and using features we know how to implement. We will design and maintaining a custom radio communications solution for your facility.


Lakeland Communications will provide you with several options inspired by our team of wireless experts to solve your communication problems. 

One of our client situations and how we solved it for them...  


This building management company in Chicago has a very large hard to communicate in building off Lake Shore Drive, they are responsible for maintaining the building and providing security. They also have two condo associations, retail, and office space.  This building is built like a bomb shelter and communications over two way radios was very difficult for them.  Each of these entities had their own separate radio systems, we showed them how to share one system thus sharing the expense and combining resources while giving each of them their own private channel.

Each of these departments IE: Maintenance, Security, each of the two condo associations they all need their own independent private channel to conduct business as well as the ability to contact each other throughout their day. Sounds good but this is expensive and as done in the past and as some still do today they would install one radio repeater system for each channel.  We have a proven solution that will allow this building to operate on one repeater for all of these departments.

Sharing one radio system at a quarter of the price tag



Proven benefits

  • We provided 5 private talk groups, one for each department

    • We've done as many as 8 talk groups for a downtown hotel

  • We provided 1 All Call channel for emergencies

  • We provided everyone the ability to private call each other as needed

  • We provided an encrypted system, no one can listen in on their conversations

  • We used 1 Radio Repeater to extend the radios range instead of one Repeater for each department

  • We used feature designed by our wireless team in the products we selected

  • We solved the problems for all departments and cut the cost of ownership dramatically

Give us a call and I can explain further how we can provide you with features like this using less equipment and costing less than you would think.

(847) 245-4800  in Illinois

(262) 207-4410  in Wisconsin


Vince T.

Director of Plant Operations

Whenever we have been in a bind with radio repairs you get them repaired and back to us ASAP. We also had poor transmission and could not talk in some locations of our 55 story high rise, after you came in and relocated and upgraded our antenna and system to Hytera digital radios our transmission has been great!

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Mike C.

Plant Supervisor

Senior Care

I felt it necessary to send you this quick email thanking you for the exceptional service I'm receiving from your company. The radios I'm sending in for repair are coming back quicker than ever which is extremely important to us as our communication systems are important to our residents safety.

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