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We have rental radios for your short

       or long term needs


Why Rent?

Maybe your business has expanded faster than you planned. Possibly a special event presents you with two way radio rental needs.  Whatever your reason is we are here to provide you with two way radio rental solutions in the Chicago area.

Short term Temporary Rentals

High powered professional multi channel walkie talkie radios for every use. We offer low daily, weekend, weekly and monthly rates on all of our equipment. We can supply just a few or as many as you need. All your temporary communication needs in one place, we're here to help you fugure out what you need to make your rental experience quick and easy from beginning to end.

Quantity is never a problem, just ask! Click here to request a quote or call us at 847-245-4800 and speak to a rental specialist to get an exact price quote for your upcoming function. When you request a quote on-line we will e-mail you a written proposal within 24 hours. Don't forget, we ship nationwide!

We feature only top quality professional Motorola and Vertex Standard two way portable and mobile radio equipment available in UHF/VHF conventional, digital or trunking configurations.

Who Rents


  • School and church outings

  • Fairs and Festivals

  • Construction Sites

  • Plant Shoutdowns

  • Concert Venues

  • Special Events

  • Security Operations

  • Film and Television Production

  • Trade shows

  • Sporting events

  • Corporate events

  • Transportation companies



  • High Capacity Battery

  • Flex Antenna

  • Spring Belt Clip

  • Programmed on your frequency or ours

  • 1hr Rapid Desk Charger

  • (Rack Chargers are also available)

  • We have Base Stations and Repeater systems to extend your communications range with expert on-site setup to ensure proper usage.

  • We also have any accessories you may need, such as: Speaker Microphones, Extra Batteries, and Headsets too...

Wide Area Rental

Have mutiple locations, spread out over a wide area, you'll need Chicago Area Coverage (CAC) for your event.  We have wide area repeater service available for extended outdoor coverage and long distance range. Motorola GR1225 Repeater 45 watt single channel repeaters are available for enhanced on-site communications to; applications include 25 plus floors of coverage in office buildings and large hotels. Please call and speak with a rental specialist for more detailed information about on-site repeaters and extended citywide radio coverage. 

Wireless communications can play an integral role in the success of your event. Therefore, reliability and dependability of the equipment and the proposed solution are paramount. Lakeland will deliver your equipment on time and in working order. We also have support staff that can be on-site to help you throughout your event.  




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