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R4.0 Firmare Release Available on Hytera DMR Radios

Right after the release of R3.5 DMR upgrading kit in July, here we are pleased to announce the availability of R4.0 upgrading kit for Hytera DMR radios. All our channels partners could get contact with our local account manager or customer service team for the new upgrading kit.

With the release of the new firmware, the end-users could experience more benefits from Hytera DMR radios:

  • What's new on subscribers?

  • Mobile GPIO capabilities enhancement

  • Auto roaming / Roaming list capacity increased from 16 to 32

  • Quick text list capacity increased from 10 to 25

  • 2-Tone signaling

  • Analog/Digital telephone interconnect (via DTMF signaling)

  • Option Board Application Protocol Interface (API)

  • Group call home screen dial

  • GPS On/Off in radio menu

  • CPS contact list import and export in excel form

  • Covert version DMR radio available

  • Upgradable into trunked version subscribers by applying trunked package license

  • IP67 enhancement ( PD78X/PD78XG/PD70X/PD70XG series), etc.

  • Note:

1. Please note that roaming will become a license controlled function from R4.0 release onwards. As for the detailed price and delivery policy for site roaming license key, please contact your local account manager for details. The upgrading of an older version radio (of version below R4.0) will have no influence on this function. It means that if you have an older version with site roaming enabled, this function will not be disabled by upgrading into R4.0 version, although the site roaming function is license controlled since R4.0

2. There is no hardware modification on the radio to achieve IP67 enhancement. By passing the test of IP67 from the third party authorized lab, we start to declare IP67 protect level for PD78X/PD78XG/PD70X/PD70XG series from now on. All the marketing materials will be updated soon accordingly.

Please contact your local account manager or customer service team for the updated test report.

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