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MotoTRBO like compatible digital two way DMR radios from only from Hytera Radio Systems

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HYT America will unveil three new products compliant with the DMR standard.

These new DMR radios use an open source TDMA standard format that make them compatible with many features used with Motorola’s MotoTRBO Digital Two Way Radio Systems, this makes the Hytera radios compatible to be used with existing Motorola users.


How much lower are the Hytera prices? Quite a bit actually! If you would like to know just exactly how much lower, send us an email or call 847-245-4800


The PD782 portable digital radio has an ergonomic design with a large high-definition display and full keypad with big keys. It supports both analog and digital modes. The PD782 also obtains an extra 40% operation time when compared to analog while operating at the same output power, according to the manufacturer. The radio is compliant with MIL-STD-810 C/D/E/F and IP57 waterproof standards.

The MD782 digital mobile radio features a TFT high-definition color LCD, large keypad and six programmable keys. In addition to conventional communication, the MD782 offers additional functions such as message, GPS, data transmission and connection alert.

The RD982 digital repeater can operate either in analog or digital modes and support 100% duty cycle at 50 W.  The heat sink and cooler fan design offers stable operation at high power. The RD982 can be mounted or placed on a desktop.

These HYT product are the only currently offered product line compatable with Motorola’s MotoTRBO Digital Two Way Radio Systems that have been successfully distributed for the last 2.5 years. This new DMR equipment will offer a value added cost effective option to the alternative DMR TDMA Standard.


Call: 847-245-4800

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