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Hytera Delivers New Digital Solutions to 2-Way Radio Dealers

Hytera Delivers New Digital Solutions to UK Dealers Convention

Over 20 dealers and application partners participated Hytera UK Dealers Convention hosted in Hytera Slough office, discovering the new innovations and applications brought by Hytera. It is the first dealer event since the opening of the new Sough office on March 27. 

During the Convention, Hytera showcased complete digital portfolio, including TETRA infrastructure & terminals, DMR Trunking system & terminals as well as third-party applications, and set up a workshop in the office for product & application demonstration. Mr. Gee Song Kok, Hytera Vice President of R&D, and Mr. Ming Kam Wang, Director of Product Marketing, gave detailed presentation on Hytera New product innovations & applications

Participants from public safety, utility, and commercial industries were greatly impressed by the superior performance of Hytera digital products and actively got hands-on with the products. The newly launched X1e/X1p, the world’s thinnest & smallest full-power digital radio, and PD795Ex, intrinsically safe DMR radio, highlighted in the Convention for their innovative design, powerful functions and flexible applications. 

Hytera application partners, Trakranger & Zonith also delivered account on their applications respectively on the Convention. Mr. Kevin Golding from Trakranger introduced their First Hytera AVL application in the UK market with the benefit of remotely dispatching all DMR uses through the internet; while Mr. Eoin Foy from Zonith showcased their In-door Tracking & Alarm application with Hytera DMR system, which uses beacons to track & communicate with the radios. The Zonith's solutions can support large in-door communications system up to hundreds of users.

Dealers try Hytera new products in the show room

Mr. Gee Song Kok and Mr. MingKam Wang present Hytera new product & solutions

Mr. Kevin Golding present the TrankRanger applications software on Hytera DMR radios

Mr. Eoin Foy present the Zonith’s application software on Hytera DMR radios

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