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Hytera Celebrates Its 20th Anniversary With Over 600 Of Its Partners In Shenzhen, China

Hytera Communications Co., Ltd. started the celebration for its 20th Anniversary in Shenzhen, China. More than 600 partners and customers from over 50 countries were present at this three-day event.

The event was heralded by an elite forum, PMR Industry Forum on October 10th, at which industry professionals shared their insights towards PMR technologies. Thomas Lynch, Associate Director of IHS, Qingsheng JIANG, Board Chairman of Professional Digital Trunking Association (PDT is a Chinese digital trunking protocol) and Phil Kidner, CEO of TCCA (TETRA Critical Communications Association) were invited as the guest speakers to make speeches about the trends and developments in PMR technologies, DMR technologies and the evolution and trends of TETRA. Alexander Heinz, the VP Marketing and Product Management of Hytera Mobilfunk indicated that Hytera’s TETRA2/TEDS system is in the right position of evolution from TETRA1 to Broadband TETRA.

At the ceremony, Hytera announced the launch of its latest DMR standard radios, PD50X and PD60X, which are targeting the commercial market who are looking for cost effective choices to replace their analog radios. PD50X and PD60X are aiming to provide the smooth digital migration for them at affordable price with innovative design.

After sharing a retrospect video of Hytera's past 20 years on the 20th Anniversary Ceremony, The Founder and President of Hytera, Mr. Qingzhou CHEN delivered a presentation about Hytera's development and future strategic planning, and he believed that the future of PMR industry lies on technology and product innovation stimulated by customers' requirements, and partnership synergy. To show his gratitude to partners, Mr. Chen handed trophies to each of the 60 awarded partners for their outstanding performances and loyalty.

Besides PMR Industry Forum and 20th Anniversary Ceremony, Hytera arranged Global Partner Summit and Workshops. Partners also visited the newly refurbished showroom at Headquarters and the Manufacture Center.

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