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Android based products designed to control operation of Radios

Safemobile Inc., aglobal provider of Mobility & IT Solutions for the 2-way radio industry,unveils its new Android based radioPad™ and radioPod™ products designed tocontrol the functions and the operation of any digital radio from any Androidtablet. (Patents pending). 

The first implementation of radioPad™ andradioPod™ products was finalized for the Motorola MOTOTRBO radios and will bedisplayed at the 2012 IWCE event between February 22-23rd at the Las VegasConvention Center in Las Vegas, booth #4133. Implementations are in progressfor TETRA and P25 digital radios.

The ground-breaking release of radioPad™ and radioPod™ iscombining for the first time the Android Operating System with the DigitalRadio technology, promising to change the way communication is done in the2-way radio industry. The radioPad™ and radioPod™ products are capable of securelyremote-controlling the operation of hand-held, mobile and fixed digital radiosvia WiFi circuits, allowing both voice & data between the Android tabletand any radio, offering any industry specific or customer specific graphic userinterface. The radioPad™ & radioPod™ products are offering unparalleledaccess to any Android application that now can be used on a digital radiosystem such as credit card readers, scanners, RFID devices, biometrics, authentication,alarms, ticketing, invoicing, etc. (API's to be provided by Safemobile tocertified applications developers). "We are simply changing the way we communicate in the 2-wayradio industry" said Dorel Nasui, SafeMobile's President/CEO.                        

"In having developed the radioPad™ and radioPod™ Androidbased products, we can now provide integrated voice & data solutions topublic safety organizations and various industries in order to make theiractivities more productive and more efficient. By integrating the digital radiotechnologies such as DMR, TETRA and P25 with the Android Operating System andthe Internet, new choices and solutions will appear, never before seen in theindustry".

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