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Capitol Region Education Council & U.S. Security Associates Use Hytera
Hytera US Inc

Capitol Region Education Council & U.S. Security Associates Use Hytera

Vince T.

Director of Plant Operations

Whenever we have been in a bind with radio repairs you get them repaired and back to us ASAP. We also had poor transmission and could not talk in some locations of our 55 story high rise, after you came in and relocated and upgraded our antenna and system to Hytera digital radios our transmission has been great!

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Mike C.

Plant Supervisor

Senior Care

I felt it necessary to send you this quick email thanking you for the exceptional service I'm receiving from your company. The radios I'm sending in for repair are coming back quicker than ever which is extremely important to us as our communication systems are important to our residents safety.

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Mike S.
Facilities Manager
 Madison WI

Hey Dude thanks for the new antenna system!
Our repeater system works great on site. It owns the whole campus now. ;-)

You are the man in radio!!!

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John Conrad

Firearms Instructor

I have the Hytera DMR PD-782 GPS UHF. It is the Best radio I have ever owned. I've had Motorola, Kenwoods, etc.  This is Great and 100 percent Wind Water Weather proof. plus a 5 year Warranty. Life is Good.


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