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Why Buy Two Way Radios from a Local Dealer?

There are significant risks to purchasing a two-way radio solution from online box sellers and international distributors.



A two-way radio system is a customized solution which usually requires coverage tests and site visits to the customer location for the appropriate solution to be recommended.  

It is for this reason, that authorized Hytera America Dealers are required to have a physical storefront and should not list Hytera and HYT products on auction / generic sites and instead should have a website with business address and contact information clearly stated. 


This ensures Hytera and HYT end-users are provided with a communication solution tailored for their needs along with support from either a local dealer or a dealer with their place of business and contact information clearly stated on their company website.

We all understand that purchasing departments need to get the best value, but there are some warnings signs your purchasing department should know before acquiring radios or accessories from an online or international ‘box’ seller:

Risks of Purchasing from an Online Box Seller or International Distributor:

  • Online sellers may not be Authorized Hytera Dealers 

  • They may lack the training to properly service/support our products.

  • Hytera Authorized Dealers are trained to provide local support.

  • Hytera Authorized Dealers can recommend the correct solution for your organization.

  • At times, the price offered online does not include warranty or accessories. 

  • Radios purchased from an international seller do not have the FCC Label showing the required approval.

  • They are not covered by Hytera America’s warranty policy and will not be accepted for service.  

  • The item must be shipped back to the seller, who in most cases does not have a capable technical staff and is likely to ship it to the factory for repair.  The seller is only required to follow host site return policy (usually 30 days). 

  • Radios usually do not come programmed.

  • They often arrive with foreign software.

  • Shipping from international sellers will often take from 17 to 28 days, especially having to clear customs.

  • Shipping from international sellers is costly and charged on a per pound basis.

  • Make sure to check the model is FCC type accepted.

  • They may be a little deceptive in their descriptions, particularly on accessories.

  • Their high-star rating could have been artificially inflated by paid reviewers or other non-radio products.

  • Hytera Authorized Dealers can provide help with FCC licensing.

  • Hytera Authorized Dealers can conduct on-site coverage studies to determine whether repeater(s) are needed.

Every company has the right to make their own decision, but partnering with a two-way radio dealer is a choice they won't regret.  These are trained experts that act as a consultant on the end-user's behalf, providing the latest options available in wireless technology today.

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