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2-Way Radio Repair Services

At Lakeland we can service all major radio brands.  With the latest test equipment and experienced professional technicians we can quickly diagnose and solve all your radio problems.  Radio pickup and delivery is available for most local customers. 

  • Motorola Radios

  • MotoTRBO Radios

  • Motorola XTS, XTL Radios

  • Motorola Radius Radios

  • Kenwood Radios

  • HYT Radios

  • Hytera Radios

  • Vertex Standard Radios

  • Icom Radios

  • Maxon Radios

  • Midland Radios

  • Most Repeater & Systems

  • Voting Receiver Site Systems

  • Dispatch Consoles

  • Radio Programming

  • Pyramid Communications

  • Trident Microsystems

  • Zetron Systems 

  • AVL/GPS Tracking Systems

  • IDA Controllers, IP & Dispatch Systems

  • Refurbish: Make your radios or pager look and work like new

  • Pagers: Motorola Minitor I, II, III, IV, V, Spirit, Keynote, BPR and others 

  • Cellular (SmartPhones) Too!


Repairs can be costly but they don't have to be with Lakeland, ask for our estimate program if your unsure of what the service cost could be for your product. While on the bench we'll clean the radio housing, tune major function controls for alignment to manufacture specifications - and assure maximum power output & receiver sensitivity

Maintenance Agreements

Maintenance agreements are available for regular two way radio repair.  We can establish a contract to maintain your radio fleet for customers with a large quantity of radios needing routine radio repair.  This will take the guess work out of determining your monthly radio repair expenses.

System Management

Doing all yourself doesn't always make sense when you're trying to balance the many demands on your time, budget, and people. Managing a wireless network is a big job, but it doesn't have to be your job. We will provide the technical expertise you need for peace of mind

Vehicle/Squad Car Installation & Design

With almost 30 years of experience, Lakeland Communications strives to always bring you the highest quality and service. Our emergency vehicle technicians will provide your agency with the newest and best technology. Our services include installations, changeovers and repairs in the Chicagoland Milwaukee area.  


For those smaller repairs, we can supply you with the parts you need to do the job yourself. Portable Radio Antenna's, Batteries, Speaker Microphones, Surveillance Wire Kits, Belt Clips, Housings, battery doors, tone elements, Mounting Brackets, External Speakers, Microphone Hang up clips, replacement Power Cables and a wide selection of mobile radio antennas are our most popular items we can supply to help you get the job done quickly and at minimal cost.  

FCC Licensing

Does your Industry require an FCC license, renewal or modification for the required FCC Narrowbanding? Give us a call and we'll inform you of all the requirements.

Battery Reconditioning

Will eliminate "memory" and improper battery performance for longer life and lower your operating costs for replacement batteries sooner than needed.







We won't just repair your communications equipment, after the repair process, our experienced staff checks each function of the receiver and transmitter to prevent possible problems for the future.

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