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Property Management



Clear communication solutions designed to decrease response time and provide enhanced coverage.


Communication is key to the smooth execution of operational and administrative responsibilities within a large property. In today's fast paced world, business and its customers need exceptionally quick service. In order to better respond to these demands and coordinate resources, more and more businesses turn to digital radio communications. 

Full coverage, clear voice transmissions and data services are vital elements for a reliable communications system. Powerful functions increase work efficiency, whether it’s for quickly dispatching the maintenance staff or having security patrol an area.

Golf Courses 

Rugged and reliable solutions with large area coverage as well as water and dust protection.

Large Estates  

Clear digital communication solutions that provide excellent indoor and outdoor coverage.


Clear digital communication solutions for studios.

Office Complex

Digital communication solutions that provide clear and reliable coverage.

Places of Worship

User-friendly digital radios that span large coverage areas.


User-friendly digital radios that provide excellent indoor and outdoor coverage.

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