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Providing efficient communication tools to enhance customer service.


Communication is the fundamental key for smooth operations in the hospitality industry. Customers expect exceptional, quick service in this fast paced industry. In order to better respond to the customers’ demands and coordinate resources, more and more businesses turn to radio communications. 

In today’s competitive markets, the need for reliable communications is more prevalent with high requirements for full coverage, clear voice transmissions and data services. Astate-of-the-art communication system with powerful functions increases work efficiency, whether it’s for quickly dispatching the maintenance staff or having security patrol an area of a building.


Communications solutions for hotels whether small motels or large resorts.


Communications solutions for casino maintenance, security and operational staff.


Efficient communication tools to provide coverage for large areas at theme parks.

Zoos & Aquariums

Reliable and rugged radios to provide coverage for large areas at zoos and aquariums.

Resort-Wide Communications

Bridging multiple locations throughout a resort for seamless communications among various groups.

Stadium & Arenas

Efficient communication tools to provide coverage for stadiums, arenas, and ballparks.

Event Management

Affordable and reliable communications solutions for event management.


Digital solutions to provide clear coverage throughout a museum campus both indoors and outdoors.



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